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Communication, Web UI, Campaign Management



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Project Brief

Baako set out to solve the perennial issue of needing to keep mobiles device powered up on the go and away from home. Our brief was to create the brand identity, visual assets and work with the Baako team developing a commercialisation strategy and introducing them to key distributors. All from scratch and in tandem with the product design development...


Having created the brand identity and all digital touch points our main challenge was how to position Baako in front of customers and get them to adopt the idea of wearing a power bank. We achieved this via three distinct messages: designed around you, wearable power and designed for life, whever it takes you. These messages were leveraged across all media channels (print & digital) and resulted in the creation of an engaged early adopter database ready for product launch. Having demonstrated strong demand from end customers we introduced Baako to key consumer electronics distributors for B2B sales to round their commercialisation plan.

  • Brand Identity
  • Web Development
  • Commercial presentation materials
  • Media coverage
  • Access to funding
  • Video production
  • Route to market assessment & validation
  • Early adopter promotions & list creation
  • Social media channel set up and management
  • Launch campaign creation
  • Access to key European product distributors

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