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Full service


HUNTA Software

Date Started

2015 - Present

Project Brief

Having developed and refined the underlying technology for their fintech innovation for forex traders, HUNTA approached source23 to assist with a full commercialisation service. Our brief involved immersing ourselves in the technology and its applications to deliver not only the initial branding and User Interface for the platform but also a fully resourced go to market plan which we executed on their behalf.


Forex is an inherently complex market with a mass of data that can overwhelm retail traders. HUNTA's algorithms analyse and combine this data to cut out market noise so that their customers can focus on the best trading opportunities. Our main challenge was take MT4, the market leading trading platform used by over 14 million people globally and, using HUNTA's innovation, design a simplified user interface that transformed MT4 into an intuitive and user friendly environment. That was just the start...

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