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Communication, Media Buying, Campaign Management

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Over the past 14 years we've had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients: Tissot, Ogilvy, Donuts, Don Balon, BUPA, MoneyCorp, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Cognita School Group, Next PLC, Nicky Hayden, TeamKR, CodigoDUPV, AdhocMap, D atabrella, WorkinCall, Jocasi, The Colour Red, Roger Lee Hayden, Tommy Hayden, Ben Spies, Schwantz School (Kevin Schwantz), Grama, Barcelona Adventure, Barcelona Football, Spanish Football Tickets, Reflex Marine, Squid & Bricks, SCR PR, MumAbroad, Seaskin Marine, Lucas Fox, Vision Shift, Ecobods, Gild International, BCN Competition, Mainz, Aspherio, Modocon, Deluded Records, SCR, Tech Ideas, British Chamber of Commerce Spain, Virtual Tours, British Chamber of Commerce Belgium, Clearsight Partners, Go English, Viva Britain, MonkeyBiz, Barcelona Life, Date Club, Bright CO Telecommunications.

We'd like to thank you all!

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